20 October 2012

Trying to remember everything you need to remember on a farm gets harder and harder. Maybe age contributes to that a bit but so do increasing numbers of animals. As a heritage breeder I guess that is what we are supposed to do–breed and make more and better happy animals as best we can.

Yesterday was a big one. Here are key points.

Loco-Dexter Bull-dropped off at Coopers Creek Farm for a 3 month stint. Our lovely Dexter Bull was fixed up with drench, 7 in 1 and pour on.

Sold 6 4 week old White Sussex unsexed chicks

Aubrey and Morley sold 3 point of lay hens ($100 nice job girls)

Picked up 3 pigs from Dan and Lilly Hill (1 for market-2 for breeding with Barney)

Feeling much better now. Will be referring to this date to know when Loco can come home and to know when we can send the two pigs packing.

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