Christmas Calf Count

Hanging out with the girls talking cows. Lots of work and fun to be had. Bella is keen to enter her bull calf Chip into this years’s Mullumbimby Show. Go Bella go and good luck with the [...]

Barn Renovations

Exciting times on Gregory Line. Such a small world too–have a long story to tell about the swell blokes who are working magic in the barn but can’t wait to share the shots they took [...]

Farrowing Research

The excitement of making it up as you go along works well in todays information age. Common sense and paying close attention to your animals will take care of most things; however, it’s [...]

The Orchard

Growing up my sister and I loved to play in the orchard. There was an old pig pen which we played in when we were little. Then when we got ‘big’ and had a motor bike to drive around [...]

Our First Piglets

The Cromwell’s are proud to announce the birth of their first pigs. Aubrey is going to send me some pictures tomorrow and can’t wait to see how they look. Apparently we have a mix of [...]

Harvest Moon Farming

Can’t wait to do some late night farming with the family soon. Usually I prefer the silence and sound of nature when I am outdoors but this Neil Young song makes me want to crank up the [...]

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