Christmas Ham Road Trip

About to head out Grafton way to beef up our pig herd. We have a little Berkie boar and sow ready to go and I am hoping to score a larger pig to fatten up for Christmas. Anyone want to join me on [...]

Natural Horse Work

Aubrey, Morley and Bella are loving working with their horses more then ever. The learning and experience they are getting from working with their Mum and Louise (their instructor) is amazing. [...]

In a Pickle

Sunday night and we have a fridge full of cucumbers and all the ingredients to make dill pickles. I am not up for a bunch of jars and all that preparation. All I want is to get those cukes into [...]

Cromwell Sheep Farm?

Maybe its time for a few sheep. Wish this was our little lamb. At $20 for a wee leg its tempting. The leg is not from sliver wood but it’s organic and I can’t wait to start rubbing it [...]

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