Rooster Love

One of the first real farming experiences our family had was the sound of a rooster first thing in the morning. That was back in 2000 when we went Bush and lived off the grid at Porter Lake for a [...]

Cromwell and Father

We have all seen farms with barns painted with the Family name & Sons. Having four daughters, I had considered hanging a shingle with Cromwell and Daughters. However, yesterday my Dad after a [...]

Milking Times

We have had more. Then again, we have had much less. It’s a little like is the milk bucket half full or half empty. We are happy regardless and it’s a good feeling to be milking [...]

Our First Pigs-2008

Here is a video we took almost four years ago when we got our first pigs. As you can see the girls are growing up fast and our pig farming has grown allot too. Since these first pigs we have [...]