Dexter Cattle for sale

If you are interested in Dexter cattle come on by and have a look at our herd. We have registered and unregistered heifers, steers, calves and even a bull for sale. Contact Aubrey Cromwell on [...]

Citrus Orchard

Once you have had an abundance of your own citrus it’s punishing to be without. We planted out our property on Mill Rd good and proper with citrus we miss it. To that end Alison and I [...]

Meet Red Dog

More livestock for the farm. We are proud to announce the arrival of Red, a cross Kelpie working dog. Our plan is to retrain Jasmine so she can help us train Red to be a handy and helpful dog [...]

Made Five Barrows

A barrow is a castrated male swine. Thanks to Raj Singh we have five. I did my catching and holding bit. Feeling confident I can be on the other end with Raj overseeing next time. All went well. [...]

Cattle Dog Training

Another dog found us. And just what we wanted and needed: a cattle dog. Quite a bit of training ahead of us for the puppy and even more retraining for Jasmine. This guy is spot on with the bit [...]