Eby onto Green Pastures

One of the pleasures of being heritage breeders is having animals that keep on giving. It seems like yesterday we bought our first milking machine and a couple of Dexter Crosses with good milking [...]

Sunday A day of Rest

Fire is burning. The old farm house is almost at 60 degrees our 15 C for the modern age. Feeling my age after a fun on day on the Footy field getting smunched by Cockies from Kyogle. Now for the [...]

Scarpa Farm Girls

Just poached these pictures off of twitter. I hope that’s an acceptable practice. Seeing my sister’s girls hanging out brings back memories of times spent on the farm growing up. [...]

Load of Feed and Bedding

Another truck load of grass goodness arrived on the farm yesterday. Rolled off 6 Big Green bales of silage at the gate. Brad and I loaded up the top shed with 50 bales of Grassy Lucerne and 100 [...]

Cattle update

Aubrey, Morley and I had a classic Cromwell cattle session yesterday. Here is what we got done. cows that are going to agist -103 (reanna) -105 (Abella) -107 (Azalia) 9 calves weaned + Fiest in [...]

Weaning Babe Time

Got the weaning feeling in my bones. Our Large Black Sow Babe has done a terrific job growing her last litter of piglets. They were definitely born a bit premature and if it was not for [...]