Start them Early

You are never too young to learn. Aubrey Davis Cromwell in action on Gregory Line back in the day. A decade later here Aubrey is on Sheaffes Rd. In her element.

Piglet Pick Up

Cass Amundsen and Kirsten from The Farm in Ewingsdale came to pick up more piglets yesterday. So much fun working with these young and talented farmers who are at the forefront of an incredible [...]

Diesel Does it Again

Our beautiful big sow Diesel (Large Black x Berkshire/Hampshire) is putting out more piglets as I punch this update out. Sorry for the pun. 5 so far and by the size of her many more to come.

Shed Sale Sunday June 21

Come and join us for a Top Day this Sunday at 1026 Friday Hut Road. A bit of History in the Making and some History for the taking at great prices. Register for a Free Top Shed Beverage. Come on. [...]

Boars to Booyong

Thanks for your help Cass and Kirsten on Sunday. Could not have done it without you. We won’t bore you with pictures of Boars on this Blog post. Instead feast your eyes on the impromptu [...]