Dexter BBQ Brisket

What’s your favourite cut of beef off of a Dexter? The nice thing about getting up close and personal with your meat is meeting folks who have different favourites. So lets have a detailed [...]

A Horse by Any Other Name

It’s day 2 and our new horse is settling in nicely. Just like with any new purchase there is a surge of excitement to try and know everything you can about your new acquisition. Thank you [...]

Pig Paperwork

We have sold out of our last three litters of pigs before they were even born. It would seem that we have been ahead of our time once again and raising pigs seems to be the new Black. Thursday [...]

Farm Manuals

Not sure if Farm Manual is the best word but what the heck. I’ve asked Rasa to put together a list of important things for us to have on file for running the farm. This will come in handy [...]

Porter Lake Bug Watch

We have had a great run of renters back at the Cabin on Porter Lake so far this year via our AirBnB listing for a Cabin on a Private Lake. Living up to our motto of Under Promising and Over [...]