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No pork chops in this blog. It’s all about the apple sauce.

At the moment our freezer is void of pork chops. That’s what happens when you can’t breed enough piglets for the demand. So while we wait for patiently for our next porker to arrive I am getting ready with a big batch of apple sauce.

A week ago today I did a 12 hour drive to bring back a boar and some more breeders. The drive took me way West, up on the table lands in the heart of the Granite Belt. Where apples grow big and juicy. So I bought myself a couple of bushels and brought em home.

I’ve been making apple sauce since I was a young lad. I learned how to peel and chop from my Grandma Jess…I can’t say I am the most frugal when it comes to peeling but I learned on apples that came from very old trees and were often not picture perfect. It was all about cutting out the bad bits and saving the good bits. There was no shortage of apples and there was was nobody to pay so wasting was not an issue.

If you have not made apple sauce before then stick with me. It’s so easy.

There is nothing more tasty than homemade applesauce made with farm fresh apples. If you want chunky applesauce, use a potato masher to mash the apples. If you prefer smooth apple sauce, run a hand blener through the cooked apples.

If you are looking for a signature flavour to your sauce. Here is the the G-Love Special Sauce Tip. Citrus.

As soon as you have chopped up your apples, or even better as you are chopping them drench them in citrus juice. Lemon or Lime. Whatever you have. Then for an added little touch peel a thin strip off the skin of the lemon and add this to the mix.

Applesauce Recipe

Preparation time: 50 minutes. You will note that I have not included any sugar. You can put it in but why bother. Good apples are sweet. However depending on your taste, and on the sweetness of your apples, use less, more or none.

Lemon juice punches up the flavour of the apples and balances the sweetness.


Bushel of peeled, cored, and quartered apples

12 strips of lemon peel
Juice of Four lemons
3 inches of cinnamon stick
3 cups of water

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