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If you have ever tried to create authentic Indian recipes from scratch we salute you. Hard..bloody hard. Especially when you have had the privilege of watching and tasting the real meal deal with at a Singh Bangalow Lion Curry Dinner.

If you want to stand half a chance you need the right herbs and spices. And nothing makes herbs and spices more right than growing them yourself. We are on a mission to fill our paddocks, food forest, gardens and wicking beds with this list which was discovered on the gourmet garden website.


Already Growing and Have
Chilli – Chilli is well known as an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine. Whether you have your curry hot, medium or mild your dish will feature varying amounts of chilli.

Curry Leaves – Curry leaves, not to be confused with curry powder, is a popular spice to be used in many Indian sauces including Tandoori and Tikka Kabobs.

Turmeric – Used in most areas of India for both flavour and colour. Turmeric the spice comes from the roots of the turmeric plant.

Ginger – Native to India it is used in a wide variety of curries, marinade, pickles, chutneys and tea.

Have and Planting Soon

Garlic – Garlic is used as a base to many curries and dahl in Indian cuisines.

Coriander – Both seeds and leaves are used. Seeds are often used as a condiment and fresh leaves used in lentils or as a garnish

Working on

Cardamom – Black cardamom is widely used in dahls, biryanis, masalas and curries. Also a key ingredient in garam masala  (Neil Moran–your the man–show us your card-a-mon)

Cumin – Cumin is used as a whole seed or in powdered forms. It adds flavours to curries and is often used as a condiment. Nearly all Indian curries and dahls will include cumin.

Fernugreek – An ingredient in curry powder and also 5 spice blend.

Saffron – Commonly used as a colourant in rice dishes or stews, also used to impart flavour.

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