Rebranding Cromwell Farms

Ever tried to brand yourself? Let me tell you it’s not easy and the idea of putting a red hot branding iron on your backside feels a bit less painful.

In our previous blog we put a challenge to our daughter Aubrey who is handy both on a horse mustering and with a pencil drawing. Below are some elements that we are now reviewing and will be passing onto a professional graphic designer for refinements and final files.

54614456626 2b5180a2 6bbf 4c13 9881 1dde6c4bdfec 54615480925 34cfef45 95c8 46d1 8a84 a732b836dd88 54615483671 36d93252 caeb 4fd2 b00b 716d1e16106eAnd here are some more that have had a bit for work done on them. Plus a compostion idea for the logo with device and slogan.

And here we have the makings of a nice branding/logo sanger. I can envision a rotation of Aubrey illustrations above the logo :dogs, cows, boots, coffee makers, pumpkins, limes, people….

farmers entrepreneurs byron bay north bayUpdated the site this morning with a shed brain explosion I had yesterday after I had updated our locations on the home page. Below is what I had yesterday and the updated one is above. Although we are not technically in either Byron Bay or North Bay they are our closest places that people are most likely to know. And it’s a bit hand that they are both Bays. Love a good Bay.


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