Preparing for the Mullumbimby Show

By this time next week the Mullum Show will be done and dusted. Our objective for our second appearance at this great revived rural show is to present the best Dexter cattle we have. Best can best be described for us as taking the cows who we feel the most comfortable with and therefore will be the safest.

When the four girl dexter stud started with four cows a couple of years ago the decision would not have been very hard; however two years later it’s not so easy. Our stud has grown to over 20 Dexters and it’s a big challenge to decide who will go to the show. Below is a picture of Morley our middle daughter up early in this morning working out on paper who she thinks we should take.

Morley Mapping out what Moo's to take to Mullum Show

This is what is on the cow calf list so far:

Abellina and Annabelle (black heifer)
Reana and Rosemary (red heifer)
Ebby and Eddy (dun bull)
Azalia and Archer (black steer)
Whiskita and Windsor (black steer)

Morley has just asked me to help her. I have said yes which elicited the response can you get ready please Dad. Time to finish my coffee, take off my pink Chenille house coat and get to work.

It was 5 am and this is what I put on.

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