7 Dexter Calves so far

It’s been a busy few weeks at the farm. Four Girl Dexter Stud has been blessed with some beautiful and healthy calves. Aubrey has headed up the naming and recording of births. Here is what we have so far.

24 July-Annabell (black heifer from Abelina)
30 July-Carter (black bull calf from Condamine)
31 July-Rosemary (red heifer from Reanna)
12 August-Windsor (black bull calf from Whiskquita)
12 August-Karma (black heifer from Kicking Cross)
14 August-Manchester (black bull calf from Milking Cross)
15 August-Archer (black bull calf from Azalia)

We are waiting for a couple more calfs from our two newest cows Gem and Ebby.

22 September-Edward (dun bull calf from Ebby)

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