A little help from our friends

We are playing with the slogan or catch cry “If We Can. You Can.” A humble approach to let folks know they can feel comfortable asking us anything and not to feel it’s all too hard.

Our family has been farming for well over 100 years; however, Alison and I are pretty new to living off the land and if it was not for the helping hands we have had along the way we would not be where we are today.

The Singh family have been one of the biggest helping hands we have had. This morning Raj Singh did his thing and checked out our new sheep and got Gypsy the Large Black with Barney the Berkshire. Uh oh I better get going and let her out. Then my  instructions are to put her back again around 4 pm. Raj also let us know the Sheep we bought are older then the hills and really need a good drench. Will get at that later today too.


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