Abella and Condilisa Calving

Morley just asked me when a couple of our maiden heifers would be dropping their calves. Well I checked this blog, which has now become like my diary for key events, and there was no mention of the adventure to Toowomba. Perhaps I was trying to forget that story. Moe then said check your facebook Dad, it has got to be good for something. Well sure enough Moe you were right. I found an entry on the adventure which confirmed the date.

Here is a facebook link to the photos of the Toowomba RK led adventure.

Our girls arrived at Margrita Dexter Stud for servicing on October 17th, 2010. Twin Bull is a fast worker as we know so that would mean. Using my new handy cow calving calculator it looks like we will have some more Dexter cattle in at the end of August.

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