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Below is an extract from a feature on Dexter Cattle in a great US Magazine called Acreage. Very comprehensive history of the Dexter Breed–makes for a good read. Enjoy- 4GS.

The existence of Dexters was first reported in Ireland in 1776. Their written history prior to then is non-existent. However it is clear from documents since that time that Dexters are an integral part of the Kerry cattle breed which is native to Ireland, so much so, that a mating of 2 Dexters can produce a Kerry and vice versa.

American Dexter Cattle
The American Dexter Cattle Breed is a descendant from the original herd of Irish Mountain Cattle assembled in Southwest Ireland in the early 1800s by a Mr. Dexter. He is reputed to have selected a choice herd from the smallest and most intelligent of the hardy breed of
mountain cattle in that region. All modern Dexters are said to be the descendants of that first herd. Whether true or not, it is a nice story. There is no question, however, that the first Dexter registry was created in Ireland in 1887, England following in 1892, and America in 1911, after first imports arrived in 1905.

The American Dexter possesses many desirable characteristics. It

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