Angus Heifer Calf

“I guess I can’t blame you for this one”, Alison said to me this morning when this little black beauty was dropped off. Our friend and fencing mate Peter McDonald had a 3 week old unexpected calf that he needed to dispose of. Our plan is to bottle feed her and quiet her down. Then all going well she will join our Dexter herd and get served by our quiet big Dexter Bull Loco in a couple of years. All going well this will add some more beef to our herd.

Here she is–I am sure our girls will have a name for this one soon

1 thought on “Angus Heifer Calf”

  1. Just watched Bella and Aubrey successfully feed the little heifer. It has been a real battle to get her to take milk and we came really close to losing her. Made the switch to raw milk from powder. Funny that turned things around. Oh and I got to name her… Feist–for her attitude and as a tribute to the musician.

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