Bella gets her wish

A few days ago our youngest daughter Bella asked me “When are we going to start milking again?”. This was a bit of a surprise coming from Bella who is generally more interested in her bird, cat and reading books. Her question got me thinking and more importantly acting. Last night Homer and I brought all the cows in, with the assistance of his new “you beaut ute”. We put a half dozen house cow candidates in the yard with the plan of starting milking sometime soon.

Soon started very early this morning–the cows were calling well before the roosters and it was time to kick things in gear, and hopefully not too many buckets kicked over. It all went quite smoothly: Alison had no idea I would be milking today and came out to my rescue. We got the milking machine cleaned up and it never missed a beat. When we were done we had milked five cows and got just under 10 L of yummy Dexter milk. Can’t wait to taste our own Dairy deliciousness again.

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