Black Piglets for Sale

Black is the new black it would seem when it comes to pigs. Who knew four years ago when we got our first Pure Bred Large Black Breeding sows from the fabulous Judy Barnet from Black Beauty Pigs. It’s great to be part of a renaissance of good eating and a more accountable way of living. End of Green rant so let’s get Back to Black.

Our two most recent litters of pigs are getting close to weaning time.

Gypsy or Babe-Purebred Large Blacks
4 piglets Born September 3rd, 2014
3 male – 1 female
2 males complete available for sale October 22nd, 2014 available for sale November 16, 2014

Steiner Sow-Large Black x Berkshire
6 piglets born September 21st, 2014
4 available for sale November 16, 2014

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