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What’s Brothing? This will likely turn into something on our blog but for now to make this page a bit more sexy I thought we could add some updates here for now.

August 2017

Rooster Stock or Cock Stock as we like to call it being the cheeky boys we are. Right now we have 15 Litres of rooster stock in the cool room. This stock started on Saturday around Noon in the Goon with Broth Boys Matthew Fox and Lachlan Martin.

In a slow cooker, we have one very large and speckled with a fat rooster that Neil Moran brought over yesterday around Noon. It all seems to happen around 12 o’clock in Goonengerry. Not all our roosters go into the stock pot–Neil took 3 beautiful birds home last night that really looked the part. Looking forward to hearing how Neil cooked them up and what his boys and Mish thought. Hey Neil. Come on back and lets get you the meat off that big bird and taste test the stock.

In our Big 20 Litre Stockpot we have Four of our roosters slowly simmering away in a bath of fresh herbs and other goodies from our garden. Oh and a bit of celery from Woolworths. Note to self. Grow Celery and Carrots.


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