Calf Count

The top wood shed paddock is starting to fill out with calves. Thank goodness we have daughters to keep us organised. Aubrey is sitting beside me with her smart phone reviewing the information on the calving so far. Here is what she has recorded:

August 8, 2011- Chip (bull calf) from Condillisa (Sire Twin Bull)
November 3, 2011-Dan (bull Calf) from the late Delillah (Sire Loco)
November 14, 2011-Azzy (heifer Calf) from Azalia (Sire Loco)
November 15, 2011-Alabama (bull calf) from Abbellina (Sire Loco)
November 17, 2011-Whisteria (heifer calf) from Whisquita (Sire Loco)
November 18, 2011-Kate (heifer calf) from Kicking Cross (Sire Loco)

In the bull pen waiting..

Condamine-November 26
Reanna-November 28, 2011
Milking Cross-November 26

And it wouldn’t be a blog without a photo.

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