Chook Road Trip

Looking for some companions to go on a road trip to the Gold Coast Hinterland. Need to beef up our chicken supply. Here is the go.

HUGE Poultry Sale this weekend 14/15th July Gold Coast Hinterland.

Combined Breeders with 2 dispersing their entire flock.

So far on the list: Sussex in 4 colours, Pekin Bantams (lots) Indian Game, Malay Game, Barnevelders, Araucanas, Orpingtons,Buff Cochins, Brahma, Rhode Island Red (Bantam and Standard), Australorp, New Hampshire PLUS lots of layers and crossbreds of all sorts!!!!

Toulouse Geese, Pigeons, Ducks, Caged birds including Budgies, Ringnecks, 28 Parrots and more

There will be plenty more come for a look. Also incubators, Cages, Brooders, feeders etc etc.

FERTILE EGGS!!!! Do you want to test the incubator for the new season? Or just want to hatch some pretty coloured layers? I will be offering fertile eggs this weekend only from the following as all my breeding birds are now penned for the year.

MIXED LAYER: Breeds include, Sussex, RIR, Leghorn, GL Wyandotte, Barnevelder, Orpington, Faverolle, Australorp, Large Frizzle, Araucana and lots more! THESE WILL NOT BE PUREBRED all have been running together free range in the ‘off’ season so to speak. You may however get some purebreds due to eggs collected in the last week after I have now penned my breeders for the year. Basically LUCKY DIP EGGS. There is however cartons of eggs from the Barnie pen (dark)and the Araucana pen (blue and green)again due to not being penned for long are or will not guarantee what they are!

1 Dozen $20
2 Dozen $35
4 Dozen $60

For more info or phone Cat 0411 799 040

9am-4pm Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July
Link Road, Guanaba, Gold Coast QLD

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