Clunes Butcher Shop

Just got the call from our favourite butcher and horse trader–Pat from the Clunes Meat shop. Time to fill the freezers up again with our farm raised meat. Pat gave us another pat on the back for the size of our Dexter Steers: the latest one dressed out at 162 kg. A good result, although I think it might be a bit on the lean side from winter feed. It will be a double pick up today and I can really bring home the bacon. Buzby the boar is all done up and waiting to be kyrovaced.

With the freezers full it’s time to do some forward planning for the rest of the year. Looks like it will be about 8-10 months before the five steers from last year are good to go. Our Large Black sows should be in pig, but there won’t be any produce from them for almost a year.

It’s time to do a bit of shopping — can’t wait to see where the next road trip will take us.

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