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Sagaro and Bret - honey wouldn't melt in their mouths.
Sagaro and Bret – honey wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

Trying to find the sweet spot (making money) in farming is a constant challenge. There are so many things that can and will happen before you can turn your honey into money. Serendipitously we have found a bit of niche producing raw comb honey. By eliminating all the processing and packaging required to get honey from its sections into nice jars you save allot of time, effort and of course waste.

Not many folks are going this route so it’s difficult to calculate a fair market price. Not having a price has not stopped our mate Bret Cameron the Chef at Harvest Cafe from taking on our sections of honey though. As he said when I dropped off a couple more sections last week “we’ll work it out–like we always do.”

Today I started to work it out and have come up with a good method that is a sweet deal for everyone.

Section only
Section only
Full Section
2 kg of honey and comb

So how much money would you pay for a 2 kg section of Comb Honey?

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