Cows out the Gate

Plenty of cows going out the gate last week. No they were not escaping we have been selling quite a few Dexters. Will expand on that but at the moment we are looking at the hard at the herd to see how we can meet demands. Selling our Dexter cross Jersey calf seems to be a possibility. Reading up to see if it’s too soon to wean Dex.


Calves should be weaned from milk when they have reached their target weight and are eating 0.75 – 1 kg of concentrates each day (for three consecutive days). The ideal weaning weight for Holstein-Friesian calves is between 90 – 110 kg, and the ideal weaning weight for Jersey calves is between 65 – 85 kg. Calves should not be weaned based on age but rather on the basis of their intake of grain or pellets. Some calves can be weaned off milk at four weeks, where as others may take up to 10 weeks. Calves can either be weaned off milk abruptly or gradually over three to seven days.

To ensure that there a minimal set back to growth and development, calves should be feed concentrates from four days of age. The grain or pellet mixes should be formulated to include very palatable ingredients and to contain adequate protein, minerals and vitamins.

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