Dad and Dorothy are on the Farm

We are all very excited to have Dad and his partner Dorothy on the farm with us here in Australia for almost a month. The last time Dad and Dorothy were here we were living on Mill Road and had just started our journey into family farming: we have a couple of horses, a small veggy garden and a dozen laying hens.

I won’t go into a head count now but we have certainly upped the anti since then and we are working our way towards self sufficiency. Speaking of work here is what is on the white board today.

Weaning Calves-6-8 months is what we aim for so with most of our calves being born in November and December of 2011 we are still a few months away.

Paddock Rotation-Dad and I went for a ride across the little Creek and Down to the Wilson’s River yesterday and the back-back as we call it is chock a block full of feed. Time to move most of the herd over. Aubrey and Alison have picked Condamine and Reanna as our house cows for milking this years so we will keep them in the house paddocks along with our two little Bulls.

Condamine no. 101
Reanna no. 103
Chip no.125
Dan no.126
Rain no.127
Catherine no. 130

Getting Ready to Milk-the milking machine needs a good clean out and testing to make sure it’s ready to go.

Time to get at it. Photos and updates on the above to follow.

Next Day

Dad and I finished a long day off by separating Condamine and Reanna from their calves last night. Which not so quietly didn’t do much for our night’s sleep or any sleep in this morning. The two of them are calling out non stop. Only one way to stop this. Time to fire up the milking machine.

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  1. Dad did a great job on his horse Silver today–mustering under the close supervision of his grand daughter Aubrey.

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