Daisy does it again

This morning I did my usual visual inspection of our paddocks to take a quick count and make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be. We have been patiently waiting for our house cow Daisy to have her second calf. There is extra excitement around this birth as it will mark the start of us getting back into milking and having our house filled with our own milk, cream, butter and cheese. Homegrown unpasteurised dairy goodness.

When I checked on Daisy I could see her in the distance with her new side kick “Fat Amy” the Dorper sheep. I was pretty sure I could see another small black type creature which I am about to go check on. Grabbing the camera and will be right back with some snaps, video and an announcement on the sex of the calf. It would be so great if she threw a little heifer.


Udderly Wonderful
Udderly Wonderful

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