Dexter Cheese Day

Alison and Nicky hands on cheese makers.

How lucky are we to have a cheese maker in the family. Alison took a cheese course in Bangalow last year and has become hooked on all things cheese. Everyday Alison works away on something. Most days its butter but every few weeks she gets a whole day in the kitchen with her mate Nicky. At the start they pasteurized all the milk before making cheese. Their teacher said that would be a safe way to do it. However, they have gone their own path and are making unpasteurised cheese using our whole milk. Gosh it’s interesting to sit back and watch them work their magic with the milk. It’s a special sort of witchcraft to me as they heat, stir, cool and time with precision each step of the process. Below are some pictures of the girls in action. Sorry that I cannot tell you a hard cheese from a soft cheese… might have to become a Warlock for that.

Looks like Feta to me.
Could be brie or is that cheddar?
Not sure but sure looks yummy.
No way this whey will be wasted..pigs love it mixed with Mill Run

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