Dexter Cow with Calf wanted

With our first milking girl Condamine coming to her anniversary of milking and now in calf we will be relying on our Milking Cross to keep us in Dairy for the next few months. After that though we will be without a Dexter to milk and provide us (and our friends) with milk, cream, butter, ice cream, yogurt and cheese. Alison has taken my buying shackles off to see if we can find another cow with calf to fill the gap. Please contact us if you have a Dexter Heifer with calf for sale. We are open to pure bred or crosses as long as their is Dexter in them and they meet with the approval of our mother Stud–Margrita Dexters (Terry and Judith Hill).

2 thoughts on “Dexter Cow with Calf wanted”

  1. Irene Hayward

    Hi Greg,
    We met at Primex – Terry deLargie is my partner.
    Are you still looking for a milking cow?
    I have your hay nets and tupperware container that held your cheese. I am going to post them to you.
    Irene and Terry
    RSO Dexters, Kangaroo Creek

    1. Hi Irene.

      Always on the look out for a good cow. Although I have to confess we have strayed a bit in our Dexter Milking. We have a couple of Jerseys now who are keeping us in plenty of milk for the family and cheese making. Thanks again for contacting us.

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