Dexter Stud Poster Girls

Just got a call from the Farm Gate Providore, Daniel Hill. Our mate Dan has just sold some more of our Dexter Cattle to Harvest Cafe. For us it’s a bit like taking Best of Show at the Royal Easter–we could not be prouder. Harvest would like us to provide Dan with a photo and some information on our Dexter Stud for a Meet the Producers poster in their Dry Aging Room beside our two beasts.

Not an easy thing to find the perfect picture but Alison and I have found a couple that meat the request we think. Without further ado meet the Cromwell Farms, Four Girl Dexter Stud poster girls.

Aubrey and Morley in the show ring with their Dexter Cattle


Feeling like the top picture works well now for some words about our stud.

Four Girl Dexter Stud was serendipitously started in December of 2008 when Alison and Greg Cromwell decided to add cows to the mix of animals on their small farm on Mill Road Goonengerry, near Byron Bay. The idea was to give their young daughters a small herd to milk and care for. After a few days of intense research, the perfect breed and aspiring breeder were discovered.

Enter Judith and Terry Hill, the legendary Dexter breeders. With the guidance and gene pool from Margrita Dexters, the Cromwell girls soon learned how to achieve the best of both beef and dairy traits in their Dexter herd.

Mooove forward four years, and the girls have come to truly love their little cows. Every day you can see them out among the herd, milking, exercising, and enjoying the Dexters. Our goal is to, through hard work and gentle care, ensure that we breed and sell only the best cattle and semen to small landholders looking for a family cow, young farmers looking for beef cow to raise and show, and other cattle producers who need specific dairy or beef traits that only the Dexter can provide.

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