Dexter Stud Service

Yesterday we loaded up the two maiden heifers (actually we hope former maiden heifers) to take back to David and Helen Stevenson near Nashua. They were looking good after a drenching, buffalo fly tags and a couple of months on lush grass.

David and Helen like us a few years ago are cow rookies and I must say they have really taken to it. They so remind us of us and its a privilege to share the skills and resources that we have blessed with. Looks like we have found a home for a couple more steers from Margrita Dexters–David has let us know he wants a Dexter in the freezer every four months this year.

Alison and I brought back their other Dexter Heifer we sold them a while back. It was good to see feisty Poppy again. Looks like she might be in season now so Lowco will be happy for a new dance partner.

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