Digital Work Horse Wanted

Digital Work Horse / Marketing Manager Job Summary – DRAFT

Digital Working Horse and Dogs Wanted
Run like a horse. Work like a Dog

Cromwell Farms Group is looking for an experienced, creative digital marketing manager to join one of our growing businesses. But before we start galloping bareback down the beach we are looking for some help getting the job description and remuneration right.

Here’s the sort of plough you would be pulling and pushing.

– SEM-Google Adwords/PPC
– Social Networking
– SEO Optimization
– Affiliate Marketing
– Content Management Systems
– Project Management Systems
– Custom Video Streaming Solutions
– Document/Photo Management Systems
– E commerce Systems-Shopify
– Server Management
– Email Systems

In this position, you will be responsible for the management of all digital platforms, ensuring the success of our business objectives and that of our suppliers. You will combine your knowledge of the web and digital marketing with your business acumen to bring greater brand awareness, increase lead generation, increase customer engagement and most importantly measurably grow revenue.

Digital Marketing Manager Duties and Responsibilities
• Manage company websites (including all images, tools, and content)
• Oversee management of all digital channels (including updates, design, and user experience)
• Manage day-to-day messaging/posts
• Provide customer service by answering questions and concerns when necessary
• Conduct and report analysis of site and social traffic
• Establish and monitor ROI and KPIs
• Create, maintain, and implement digital marketing and editorial calendars
• Maintain effective, cohesive, and engaging brand messaging
• Update and manage company blog, e-newsletter, and social media (including regular posts, news, job listings, etc.)

Digital Marketing Manager Requirements and Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, or related field
• 4 years experience in marketing; 3+ years of digital marketing experience
• Solid understanding of ecommerce, PPC, SEO & SEM, Google Analytics/Search Console
• Knowledge of media editing software (photo and video)
• advanced knowledge of shopify, wordpress and social media mash up tools like hootsuite, hubspot, springbot
• Working knowledge of web design principles, best practices, and content management platforms
• Demonstrated ability to development and execute sales and marketing strategies
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Familiarity with analytical tools such as Google Analytics and

Other Job Handles that might apply…it’s nice to like what you say you do!
• Digital Work Horse
• eCommerce Manager
• Digital Merchandising Manager
• Digital Marketing Specialist

Thoughts, feedback. We would love some.

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