Double Pastured Pig Delivery

Two of our Gilts, who were a little further on then we thought, brought us some more heritage breed piglets yesterday. Not ideal settings for either of our first time girls; however, some fast work by Brad ‘Vortex’ and we got a new farrowing pen setup for New Pig 1 Mum and her 4 piglets. The original farrowing pen was refurbished and ready for pig 2: that’s when it got interesting.

Pig 2 did a runner. After a few hours of pig pondering and wandering around pig 2 was found in the Food Forest. Nestled in and already dropping piglets. Plenty more to the story as it is all unfolding; however, mostly under control. Also good to see that Elvis (our pure bred Large Black Boar) aka Rip Van Winkle has brought some new bloodlines to our heritage breeding.




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