Duck Farming Research

Well it’s that time of the year again or is it that time of the week. Yes we are contemplating breeding more things. Inspired by the serendipitous arrival of four of the cutest yellow duckings you have ever seen and some encouragement by our Chef friend John Verano from Traditional Thai in Byron Bay our flock of ducks could go from experimental to quasi commercial. Before taking flight doing some research is key. Having lost my evernote login I have resorted to writing a blog and inserting some links so I can back track.

Here we go.

Most importantly we need some good information on how to best eat them. This has become a family favourite when we dine out so it would be good to know how we can sustain our hunger for this fine dish at home to. Peking Duck which I have gathered works well with the Pekin duck breed.

Now for some good domestic duck breed background.

A bit from our mates at DPI.

And last but probably not some Uni from Minnesota.

This has the least to offer so far

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