Farmer Cookbook by Jody Vassallo

Congratulations to our dear friend Jody Vassallo on the success of her Farmer Cookbook Community Project. You can get a sneak peek at our feature in the Farmer Cookbook and if you like how it looks and how the food smells you can buy it from our shop.   Stories and recipes from the land. […]

Heads and Tails of Chef Matt Fox

Being a farmer has its perks. Like getting to hang with young gun Chefs. Last week Lismore’s Black Sombrero young gun Chef came out to the farm to check out our livestock and gardens. He didn’t leave empty handed, although he did forget to take the Ginger we picked. Better come back for that and […]

Fresh Corn and Steam Whistle

I have been asked on many occasions what do I miss about living in Canada since the move to Australia. Of course being close to family and friends is at the top of the list; followed very closely by, Fresh food from the farm and Steam Whistle. Might have to smuggle some corn and Steam […]