Eden Country Store Small Animal Market

This Saturday, 23rd February, Cromwell Farms will be attending the Small Animal Market at Eden Country Store in Bangalow. The action starts at 8 am and will wrap up around Noon.

We will update this page with pictures, information, and prices on the small animals we will be taking from our heritage breeds. At this point, we are looking at bringing:

Dexter Cattle – not sure if our little Bull is the go or a cow calf pair?
Large Black/Berkshire Piglets – $150
Working Dogs: Kelpie Crosses – available in 2014. Pre-order
Sheep: Dorper Lamb – Pebbles (not for sale)
Chickens: Plymouth Rocks, White Sussex, Bantam Leghorn, Cross Pullets – from $20

When you buy 1 of our heritage hens or roosters, you will get a complementary container of Cromwell Farms Cock Stock.

Cock a Doodle Do, I come with Stock too.

I hope this does not get me in trouble with our designer Rachael — oh, you know I love a bit of trouble. Here is a new look we are working on for the farm on Sheaffes Rd.

Work in Progress

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