Farm and Entrepreneur Idols: Polyface Farm and the Salatins

My recent blog on farmpreneuring-a word and concept I have coined (well some others too) could not be summed up better then this extract from a blog I came across having my morning presso. The title of this blog sounds more like an indie band then agricultural, but I like that.

Don’t ever be fooled by the commonly held image of farmers as laconic, country dolts. Farmers can weld, construct buildings, repair tractors and most other mechanical tools. They are usually competent woodworkers, plumbers and often electricians. These days you will also find farmers at ease with email and the internet and most importantly they are good managers, innovators and inventors.

This quote came at the end of a long string of blogs from GROWING THE GROWERS FILMING TRIP 2010, a Diary with pictures of a trip to the USA and England to meet with people that have successfully encouraged more people to garden and farm.

One could say “where is the beef” in this blog post as I have not put in much unique content. Just a bunch of links and a bit of tongue and cheek is all you get this morning. I have another presso to chug and Alison is waiting for me to do some cattle work before it starts raining. We are putting the herd through the yards this morning to remove fly tags and do another drench. Then its off to the back back for Bully Boy and his big girls.

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