Farm Plan 2012/2013

Won’t be long before 2012 is in the history books. A great time to get stuck into making positive changes and preparing for another year on the farm. Yesterday was a break through day for me in many ways. Here are a few high lights in no particular order and please excuse me if the goings on in my brain cause confusion.

Shed-move out and make room for the games room and commercial kitchen
14 October-more clean up on the top of the list today (so close) 

Cattle Crush-back to where you started life in the front paddock incorporated into the “L”
Done-but I think I have changed my mind 

Containers-2 of the 3 go up to the top shed and get tucked into Bay 1 and Bay 2, leave 1 behind for now
Done-changed my mind again. They are now beside the shed and I am really thinking we should move the other one up there too. 

Cattle Grid at our entrance-more grazing and privacy
work in progress. want to confirm boundaries and move the mail boxes too. 

Shift Farm Graveyard from the front to the back of the top shed
work in progress… the Land Rover is shifted..a couple more big piles 

Tidy up the rest of the rubble left by previous folks in the front paddock and review as a potential water catchment with Steve
on the list. Gabian walls seem to be the go. Fez is keen to help too. 

Get the farm ready for Horses and Guests to stay as part of our Farm Plan
Unique Estates is ready to list our farm as holiday accommodation for Christmas/New Years. 


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