Farm Trucks for Sale

It’s hard to let go of a good farm ute. Then again it’s can be even harder to hang onto a good wife. This is the cross road I find myself and and I have decided to reluctantly set Craigie and Rocky Free. Well not free but for any reasonable offer to a good home/farm.

First on the blocks is the Land Rover Ute. Craigie as we have named her runs great. Starts everytime. Even after months and months of sitting idle. The reason we have not been using it (other then to store firewood on) is that the front right wheel fell off a couple of years ago. Other then that she is a beaut ute. Frame is sound and the engine has been upgraded to a Holden Petrol engine (not sure the model) with a Nissan 5 speed gear box.

Have a listen to and look. This is her humming away yesterday.

Now for Rocky the Hilux Ute. Another hard working truck that has plenty of life in the rebuilt diesel engine and drive train but the body is shot.


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