Farm Update

The paddocks have finally sprung back to life and we are now have enough feed without having to buy bales from other farms. Phewf.

It’s also time to shift some live stock. We are getting ready to send Lily and Dan Hills beautiful Gilts home today. They had a great stay and our Boar Barney is going to miss them. To help Barney cope we are going to wean Babe today and get her ready for a New Year date with the big man.

Most of her piglets are spoken for and we plan to keep a few for ourselves to start preparing for our next Pop Up Pork Sale.

Our Dexter Bull Loco has been off the farm spreading his charm at another farm. We are going to get him back today or tomorrow and let him back at our girls.

In other exciting news the girls are back on horse back again. Our friend Louise was here yesterday doing ground work with Morley and Alison. She’s back today for a camp out and more horse lessons.

More up my dates coming. And a few pictures too. Just needed to get some of this info in the blog.

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