Farmer Cookbook by Jody Vassallo

Congratulations to our dear friend Jody Vassallo on the success of her Farmer Cookbook Community Project. You can get a sneak peek at our feature in the Farmer Cookbook and if you like how it looks and how the food smells you can buy it from our shop.


Stories and recipes from the land. Farmer Cookbook is a collection of recipes and stories from the heart of rural Australia, created with love by some of Australia’s best-loved chefs, and by farmers, families, and friends in the industries that understand the importance of the food we eat and where it comes from. Farmer Cookbook is a gift of gratitude and support with all sales going towards CWA at a time of great need for rural Australians. We’ve interviewed farmers and their working dogs (well, sort of) to tell stories of joy, heartache, resilience, community, and innovation in a series of interviews and articles that share with honesty the realities of working the land and the challenges in these prolonged times of drought. These simple, indulgent, healthy, comforting and inspiring recipes come together in stunning photographs that will you keep coming back for years to come both in the kitchen and on the coffee table. Farmer Cookbook is a book of hope and optimism, and a celebration of the resilience, courage, and grit of our Australian farmers.

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