Firewood For Sale–Pick Up Only

It’s almost that time of year again here in the Byron Hinterland. The weather has been wet and wild but we have not had a cold snap yet. As soon as we do I know the phone will start ringing and emails pinging with folks desperate for some wood to keep their families warm. This year we are very prepared and have stacked up all the wood we will need for a long winter. And the best part is we have a little bit to spare and are willing to share.

Over the last few winters we have been selling firewood through the Federal Shop in bags as well as delivering ute fulls. Our costs in fuel, equipment and labour have led us to change the way we sell wood this year. Pick Up Only folks.

As you can see from the pictures below we are still using child labour and I know our girls will be very happy to load you up if you are after some dry fire wood. Oh we have some wet stuff too.


You can also buy online.



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