First School Farm Tour

You know what they say about prior proper preparation. Too bad I forgot to prepare Alison properly about the Steiner School in Mullumbimby coming for a tour of the farm today. Another great saying is it’s never too late so I best be getting last minute prepared with a plan.

First there is allot of clean up to do in the next four hours. But before I continue my frantic shifting of our kit from one shed and container to another a good Action Plan is in order.

First. The children. Not sure what ages they are or how many but it’s safe to guess a dozen and under 12 so I want to cater the experience based on this. Whenever people bring children to the farm they generally get very excited and want to pick up and pat any and every animal they can get their hands on. One thing I know is that the kids are going to be spending sometime at Green Cauldron Coffee Plantation and will be getting their hands dirty doing some weeding and checking out coffee plants. So they will definitely be primed for geting their little hands on livestock.

I am going to get some chairs setup in our Dairy Bales and start off with an introduction about our farm and what we do here. Focus will be on safety without being boring. However, the thought of Barney the Berkshire getting his chompers on children is not a good look. Great plan so far but here is a picture of the bales right now.


Horses-Top Shed Paddock-Feed, Lead and Clean Feet (Lady)

House Cow-Daisy and Denni. Might see if I can get them out of the top shed paddock and onto the Road for some Grazing. It will make for a good welcome when they arrive. Might get Fat Amy out too so they can see her.

Dexter Herd-Put out another couple of round bales and lock them up top so they are close to the road.

Pigs-Clean up farrowing shed and water blast cement–Alison come up with a great idea to let them out into the horse arena paddock

Chooks-Tidy up and top up feed–leave eggs so they can collect

Dogs-have Red and Bear on chains and then bring them out to do a bit of cattle work moving some cows around in the L

OK. Plan in place Time to race.

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