Food Scrap Pick Ups-Falls Festival Byron Bay

Looks like we might be bringing in the New Years here on the farm with a new tradition. The Falls Festival in Byron Bay. Plenty of great organic waste not getting wasted thanks to festival waste and recycling manager Diana Hartung and team.

Here are some pictures of us hard at work diverting good food from the tip.

TTT Damian Mowbray helping Diving Deep to get cabbage from a Big Bin.
Tractor Bucket filled and chickens lined up for a feed
35 bins of organic waste not wasted. Worth it.
Hogs hoeing down.
PIgs and Chickens sharing the abundance
Barney the Berkshire Boar standing proud
Alison tipping another bin in the bucket
Plenty of more education to do.
A very popular and nutritious treat
Loaded up and ready to go

The history of this festival and the success its having has triggered a long standing dream of mine (insert potential nightmares for Alison) of putting on a festival. More to come on what that could be. All I can say is

Hay Porter.

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  1. Hi,
    I was a food vendor at the Byron bay falls festival and I was hoping to get in touch with Diana, would you kindly be able to pass on her contact number to me?! Glad to see the pigs are enjoying a lovely feed from the scraps!

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