Fruit Tree Tree Planting 2020

Prior proper preparation prevents piss poor planting.

Last week I woke up and had fruit trees on my mind. Planting them. A good rest from reading the news and focussing on solutions instead of fear. Here is where I portaged to on the world wide web. Daley’s Fruit Trees Kyogle. We’ve bought coffee, citrus and avos from them a few times and they have all grown well. There website/e-commerce store is very old school but somehow I managed on my phone in the dark in the comfort of our bed put in an order. Fire, Ready, Aim. Here’s what we got.

5-Finger Lime – Alstonville (Pot: 2.5L; Height: 30-40cm)
4-Avocado – Hass Seedling (Pot: Olv.Tube; Height: 40-50cm)
2-Lemon – Eureka (Pot: 4L; Height: 60-70cm)
3-Lemon – Meyer (Pot: 4L; Height: 70-80cm)
1-Lemonade Tree (Pot: 4L; Height: 70-80cm)
11-Lilly Pilly – Hinterland Gold (Pot: 0.75L; Height: 20-30cm)
3-Lime – Tahitian (Pot: 4L; Height: 60-70cm)
3-Mango – R2E2 Seedling (Pot: 2.5L; Height: 60-70cm)
2-Pecan – Mohawk (B) SP (Pot: 4L; Height: 20-30cm)
10-Pecan – Seedling (Pot: 0.5L; Height: 10-20cm)
1-Pecan – Shoshonii (B) SP (Pot: 4L; Height: 60-70cm)
1-Pecan – Wichita (B) (Pot: 4L; Height: 50-60cm)
1-Pomegranate – Rosavaya (Pot: 2L; Height: 50-60cm)
1-Pomegranate – Azerbaijani (Pot: 2L; Height: 50-60cm)
1-Pomegranate – Ben Hur (Pot: 2L; Height: 30-40cm)
1=Pomegranate – Elche (Pot: 0.75L; Height: 40-50cm)
1-Pomegranate – Elche (Pot: 2L; Height: 40-50cm)
1-Pomegranate – Wonderful (Pot: 2L; Height: 50-60cm)
1-Star Anise (Pot: 0.75L; Height: 30-40cm)
1-Finger Lime – Jali Red (Pot: 2.5L; Height: 30-40cm)
1-Finger Lime – Red (Pot: 6L; Height: 30-40cm)
1-Finger Lime – Tasty Green (Pot: 2.5L; Height: 30-40cm)
1-Fingerlime – Pink Ice (Pot: 2L; Height: 30-40cm)
1-Ginger (Pot: 0.5L; Height: 10-20cm)
1-Ginger QLD (Pot: 0.75L; Height: 20-30cm)
5-Turmeric Orange (Pot: 0.75L; Height: 30-40cm)

Where to put them?  Before hitting the buy (Fire) button I had a pretty good idea where we might plant these trees. We have created a few food forests on our farm with some success and are enjoying the fruits of our labour. And battling our livestock from reaching over and doing taste testing and pruning. Here are some photos of the area we are looking at to start.

I will go out and get an exact count but from memory, we have already planted

8 lemons (2016)
20 Coffee Trees (2017)
6 Hass Avocado (2018)
2 Limes (2018)
2 Mullberry (2019)
12 Finger Limes (Feb 2020)
6 Davidson Plums (Feb 2020)


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