Garden Food Forest Report-July 4

Our gardens and food forest is a credit to our friend Rasa who works her magic on them like a Trojan every week. I thought it would be good to journal the journey these key parts of our farm are travelling. Not much for me to do — just cut and paste our weekly reports.

Vege Garden:

Is looking fabulous! The seeds were not hindered by the torrential rains, rather they are just about all up and running. Should be ready for me to plant out when I get back from Melb.
Snow peas are massing and will be ready in a week or less..
I finsihed the weeding and mulching.
I hayed some more areas, I dug out some clumps of amaranth to plant in the food forest for chooks.
I put pink tape on stakes on the plants that I will save seed from. ( Except one which I forgot!!)
I dug around the sweet potatoes in the bottom but nothing……. maybe some soil on top of the first lot planted would encourage them.
That bottom areas needs more wire around the bottom and side. Take a look, things are getting in.

I tied the rose near the shed onto the U hooks that Brad put in, ( that took 5 minutes!)

Mammoth day of pulling out kikuya grass.
First I went around a re-tree guarded all of the pidgeon peas, many were laying down. ( Having a rest?)
Then tree guarded many other small plants that were been nibbled by the chooks…….palms etc.
The weeded all of the fenced tree areas and pumpkin.
The chikcens are eating each new pumpkin as it gets to an inch so I have tied them up around fences and into trees so we get some bigger ones. I also tied up some tomatoes, which the chickens love when “ripe” but which are being chicken trampled.
I planted the clumps of amaranth into the fenced tree areas because I was short of tree guards and they will grown uneaten there, seeds can be scatterd for chooks.
There is one avocado that might make it. The other fenced area where the avocado died is avail for planting.
I cut branches that were in the way, took out some small tobacco bush, ( there are still some) and picked up all; the sticks in there, those sticks and branches are all in the dead bath at the far end of the FF. You might want me to put them somewhere else.
I also put all the tools away in the pig-poo tool area. I did think about cleaning up the poo but decided not too and went back to weeding.
I haven’t weeded out any plants which the chickens are pecking because they obviously eat them.

I have taken the amaranth seeds home to dry them, since they were still damp in the shed.

There is space for in the spring, to plant tamarillos which will feed you or chickens and for papaya which you might love. ( and the chickens.)

I threw some pidgeon peas to the chickens and they gobbled them up, so that will certainly work.

Is cheaper than therapy
And you get Tomatoes

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