Grass Fed Dexter Beef Sausages

The more we learn about the benefits of growing out cattle on pasture the more we feel good about the potential of finding a niche market for our dexter steers. Grass fed beef is not for everyone mind you. Our family is learning to love it but we find that even the prime cuts can be a bit chewy. Our butcher Pat does a great job with sausages from the secondary cuts; however, we are getting asked more about what goes in them and how they are made. Questions like are they gluten free is something we should understand better.

Might be time for me to dust off the kenwood chef and my mincer and have a go at this. Check out this fella decked out in my favourite colour having a go at making Venison sausages. After watching this I am inspired to have a go at mixing a bit of our pork fat in with them.

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