Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse

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Heritage Horses (often misnamed Brumbies) are the foundation stock of the original Walers & have significant heritage value. As Australia’s living history, they are kind, inquisitive, loyal & steadfast, free moving, strong & sure footed, suiting all disciplines, environments & abilities.

The modern GFHH is a solid, sound and well conformed animal with straight movement. They show incredible stamina, strength and hardiness. Due to their intelligence, trainability and versatility, they are suitable for many different disciplines and can be seen competing in many arenas. Guy Fawkes Heritage Horses are quickly gaining a reputation as a naturally quiet, brave and level headed breed – which is why they were so sought after by the Imperial Forces – both in India for colonisation and the Boer Wars as well as for the First World War.

Horses from the Guy Fawkes River National Park range in height from a large pony to a small hack (approx 13hh – 15hh). They can be almost any colour including true black, with dilute (palomino and buckskin), double dilute (perlino and cremello) taffy and broken colours often seen.