Happy Chooks. Happy Customers.

Girls in their Chicken Catching Uniforms.

The great posters Aubrey made up letting people know we have Heritage Breed Chickens for sale has really kicked in. This week we have had several folks drop into the farm to check out our chooks and everyone has gone away with a few. It’s very encouraging to know that there is so much interest in “interesting chickens.” Our plymouth rock pullets are all gone and we are going to be getting a couple more exhibition quality from our neighbour Nick to lift the quality of our breeding program.

Our pricing seems to be right folks are happy to be paying $20 for a point of lay and we are selling younger birds for $10-$15. I sure hope we are doing a good job sexing the younger birds–not sure how happy our customers will be if they get Cockle Doodle Do in the morning instead of eggs.

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