Harvest Cafe Farm Tour

Yesterday we got a surprise visit from the Farm Gate Providor and a couple of the boys from Harvest Deli in Newrybar. Caught a bit by surprise – we love surprise visitors by the way – I hopped off the tractor, took a break from breaking up soil in the new garlic patch, and headed for the pigs.

I was excited to introduce our heritage breeds to Head Chef Joe and Harvest’s in-house farmer Dane. First stop was our 3-day-old piglets (no suckling pig yet, Joe). Then we did a quick hello to our Berkshire Boar, Barney, who had been put under lock and key for being a bit too boarish yesterday with one of the expecting sows. We had a quick check on the chooks, a hello to a few of our cows, and some good chats on the Cromwell Farms’ future plans.

Felt badly that I had not prepared a nice lunch, but sent the boys packing with some of our Rooster Stock and a couple of jars of our honey.

Dan, Joe, Dane and Greg
Dan, Joe, Dane, and Greg

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